Training for Obstacle Races

Training for Obstacle racing requires all round fitness, a strong upper body and good cardiovascular stamina. Below we have given you guys some tips on how to achieve the necessary fitness.

Grip and Climbing
Rope climbs require both upper body strength and a well defined grip. Time and time again we see people fail to train for the upper body requirements on the courses. Your upper body strength comes into play at many different points throughout the course, from vaulting walls to climbing both ropes and cargo nets. Try throwing a rolled up towel over a pull-up bar and hanging on the two ends or even doing pull-ups with it. This is one of the best grip workouts ever.

Commando Crawl
At some point in the course you will be on the ground crawling, whether it be through mud or under barbed wire you’ll have to get your body ready for it. We recommend practicing crawling at the end of each run you do in order to acclimatise your body to the crawling motion.

Jump, hurdle and vault
Almost ever course we have came across contains walls or some sort. So you will need to work on pulling yourself up and over chest and head height walls. Work on both your vertical jump and upper body strength to pull yourself over.

Hill Sprints
The best way to quickly increase your cardio is through hill sprints and since most obstacle race courses contain hills it’s good to get your body used to running up and down hills. Our advice is find a steep incline of around 40 metres run up the hill and walk back down slowly to catch your breath, repeat four or five times and increase until you can carry out 10 sprints in each session.

Weight Training and Cardio
We would recommend a weight training program complete with plenty of cardio activity like running, swimming and biking to increase your bodies endurance and muscle stamina.

Look out for more training tips in our blog!

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