Tips for First Time Obstacle Racers

Wear clothes and trainers you don’t care about ruining
When you run your first obstacle course race, you will get dirty and when we say dirty we mean soaking wet and covered head-to-toe mud by the end. Although most of your gear will survive the race it may have lost colour, became stretched and torn so it’s worth wearing gear you wouldn’t mind throwing in the bin after it.

Wear tight-fitting clothing
Most obstacle course races have you crawling through mud, under barbed wire, through tunnels, and over cargo nets, so you want to wear clothing that wont get snagged on branches or barbed wire. Also when loose clothing gets wet and gathers up mud you will probably find it begins to weigh you down making you feel uncomfortable.

Tie your trainers TIGHT!
Many obstacle courses involve deep thick mud to challenge racers, it’s common for racers to lose their trainers when trying to run through these mud pits, so make sure you tie them tight. Otherwise, they’ll get stuck in the mud and slow you down.

Pack a towel and soap
After the race you won’t want to be standing around it your wet muddy clothing, so take a towel and soap as most races have outdoor showers or hoses where you can rinse off and get clean.


Bring some spare plastic bags
Plastic bags are essential after the race. Everything you are wearing will be wet and muddy, so a few plastic bags to stick your gear in and protect the rest of your stuff would be a great idea.

Don’t worry too much about your time
Even though it’s a race, don’t worry too much about getting a great time. Focus on completing all of the obstacles and finishing the race. ust make sure you have a good time.

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