Frequently Asked Questions About Warrior Race

What is Warrior Race?

Warrior Race is a unique obstace course racing event which offers you the chance to test your fitness and mental determination over a 10 to 12 mile course. As a participant you will have to overcome the rugged terrain, river crossings and up to 40 specially designed obstacles.

Why all the extreme obstacles?

10ks, Marathons and Trail Runs are great but let’s step this up a notch in terms of a personal test. Running in a 10K can be a great challenge but imagine being faced with 8ft walls, swamps, tunnels and fire to name just a few – suddenly that 10K sounds easy and, dare we say, a little boring!! Test your limit and have great fun trying at the same time.

Is Warrior Race similar to other obstacle based events?

There are other fantastic obstacle based events across the UK but Warrior Race has been designed to be one of the longest and most gruelling challenges around.

How do I enter?

Warrior Race uses an online registration process (Registration can be made on the day at the event also). Simply choose your event and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Can I enter both days?

Of course you can, a small minority of our racers run both days, it gives Warriors a chance to compare their times over the two days. We offer up to 20% off the normal price for entering both events.

What is included in the entry fee?

Your entry fee includes entry into probably the toughest challenge you have ever taken part in, a post event party with live music, a free beer, timing chip, headband and t-shirt!

Why do we start in waves?

Waves allow us to reduce waiting times at the various obstacles, everyone runs at different speeds so it allows a more competitive Warriors to race in the earlier waves. Each wave will have a maximum number of entrants and will set off at half hour intervals between 10am and 1.30pm. Timing chips will be used so regardless of your wave you can still be crowned champ!

Can I view the course?

Each event has a custom built course, which will be plotted on a map and released before the event. Most of our obstacles are detailed on our course page.

Will the results be posted online?

Yes, the results from the events will be posted online via our website as soon as possible after the event.

Where can I get photos of the event?

Photos will be available to purchase online after the event. Details of how and when will be posted on the event page.

What age do I need to be to enter?

16 or above. No maximum age but you are required to sign a waiver to confirm your fitness for the event.


How do I register?

Click on your chosen event and follow the online instructions. Sign up now!

Do I get a confirmation email?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from our registration company confirming your entry.

When is the closing date for entries?

The closing date will be exactly one week before the event, however there are several deadlines leading up to this date where the price increases, so be sure to enter early if you want the best deal.

Why is there a handling fee?

Our registration partner charges for the cost of transaction with the bank. Warrior Race has absorbed some of these costs so that particpants only pay £2.95 towards the transaction/payment fee.

Are my credit/debit card details safe?

Yes, this is why we chose to work in partnership with Active Network. They are a world leading event registration company and have maximum security ratings. Many of the other obstacle races use them due to their security.

Can I register by phone or by post?

No, only online registrations will be accepted for the events.

How can I get a discount?

You can get a discount by entering early, the earlier you enter the larger the discount. You can also receive an extra discount by entering with a team, so why not get together a team to join you?

Can I run for a charity?

Yes, we would support anyone who participates and raises money for charity. Go to our Charity page for more info.

How many people do I need to make a team?

The minimum number for an official team entry (and team discount) is 4 people. There is no maximum limit to the size of your team and often teams increase above the original size anticipated, which is fine. Check out the Teams page for more info.

Do you have team discounts?

Yes, the more Warriors you have in your team means the more discount you receive. See our Teams page for more details.

Can the size of team change?

Yes. However, we have set discounts for different team sizes and you must reach the minimum requirements. If you end up with more team members than anticipated, we will still honour the original discount for extra team members.

How do I add mates to my team?

On the registration page you will be asked if you are an individual or a team. If you select ‘Team’ you will be asked if you are a Team Captain or a Team Member. The captain chooses a team name and a team code and forwards these details to all other team members. Participants wanting to join an existing team will need to use the correct team name and team code when prompted in the registration process. Make sure you get the team name and code from your team captain as this is the only way we can apply the discount.

Does everyone need to enter at the same time?

No, the Team Captain will set up the team and additional members can enter anytime afterwards. Warning – team members will not be able to join if the event has sold out and they will also not be able to select the same starting wave if capacity has been reached for that particular wave. We strongly advise team members to book as soon as possible after the team captain to avoid disappointment.

Do we all go in the same wave?

Yes, the team leader must select the wave and then pass this information to all team members (along with the team name and code).

Is there a team prize?

Yes, there will be spot prizes on the day for things such as the fastest team, best fancy dress and biggest team etc.


How should I train for Warrior Race?

Warrior Race is an extreme obstacle race event. The terrain and obstacles will make this much harder than a standard road race. Warrior Bootcamp team will post weekly training updates on our blog and facebook page closer to the event so why not take a look .

What should I wear?

You will need your normal running gear and make sure you have suitable footwear! We would also advise you to wear something you that you wouldn’t worry about if it gets ruined. A full change of warm clothes is essential along with a towel for afterwards.

What Should I bring on the day?

A full change of clothes along with your running gear and a towel. There will be food outlets and a bar onsite but there is no access to a cash point, so don’t forget to bring enough money with you.


Do I need to be able to swim?

Some obstacles will require you to be able to swim, although a bypass lane will be in effect for non-swimmers at these obstacles. There are a number of river crossings but only two are more than knee deep.

What if I can’t complete an obstacle?

If you can’t complete an obstacle there will be a bypass lane that will allow you to skip the obstacle.

Is there a time limit?

No, but event staff will judge if struggling participants are fit to continue.

Will there be showers?

No, there will be a hose pipe for those people wanting to get the mud off though.

Will there be catering?

Yes, top quality food will be available on site along with a bar.

Can I bring a pet?

Sorry, no pets allowed.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to enter or if I am injured?

You can transfer your registration to a friend or colleague anytime within 10 working days of the event date for a fee of £10. We can not make any changes to registrations after this date. All you need to do is email admin@warriorrace.co.uk and we will send further instructions. Please note, substitutions can only be made via WRHQ, you can not do this manually via your online registration.

Or we can defer your entry to one of the next Warrior Race events if you contact The Warrior Team (admin@warriorrace.co.uk). The deadline for deferred entries is one week before the event.

How do I volunteer?

There are lots of exciting volunteering opportunities within Warrior Race so drop us an email if you would like more info about volunteering in 2014. Please go to our ‘Volunteer’ page or email us at Volunteers@warriorrace.co.uk.

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